Iran and Nuclear Weapons: What Happened?

A few short days ago, Ahmadinejad was willing to negotiate about nuclear issues. Now he spits in the eyes of the United Nations again. With hope and baited breath, the western press adds a few paragraphs about dissent on the issue within Iran. What has happened?

From Econo-Girl's perspective, Britain's decision to withdraw troops from Iraq means that Bush will not get his little war with Iran. And of course, as soon as a loud-mouthed bully gets a little breathing room, he starts being obnoxious again, like he never was scared before. But scared he was.

And doubtless Admadinejad was a little jealous of all the stuff North Korea got for being a little cooperative. He wants some toys, too. But this entire episode demonstrates clearly that Ahmadinejad is not insane, and that he doesn't really want a war. So he's not stupid, either.


The Lazy Iguana said...

But what toys does he want? He already has the however many tons of oil. And does he want a collection of every American movie ever made on DVD?

You think if I announced I was going to enrich uranium for my own "peaceful" reasons that Bush would buy me a home on an ocean access canal, a boat, a waverunner, and a wicked cool tiki bar in the backyard?

Fuzz said...

I don't understand why anyone believes N. Korea is going to "cooperate" in the first place. They just want to cover up the fact they can't do anything about it. Admadinejad knows this. Like you said, he's not stupid.