Send Armitage to Prison!

Econo-Girl is still infuriated with Richard Armitage. That big-mouthed jerk is not even losing his clearance. Any person with self-respect would have resigned immediately after realizing his mistake.

Armitage's class and political connections are protecting him from the natural consequences of his actions. What is the FBI waiting for?

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The Ferminator said...

Axis Bold as Love,

My apologizes on you being that mad! Some men are Falsely Accused and they need a Law Firm to Clear their name of Wrongdoing. Did you realize that The Armed Forces works Side by Side with The United Nations in most Allied Countries?

I only have a left side of my brain that functions properly and you're a multitasking Lady who thinks twice as fast as me so just remember the "Woman" Song by John Lennon. Then you might calm down at being that Irrate at Richard.

Warm Fuzzies,

The Ferminator