Atomic Israel: Olmert Speaks

Olmert is now assuring the world and the Israelis that nuclear measures will not be needed in checking Iran's nuclear ambitions. Essentially dismissing Ahmadinejad as a blowhard, he calls the Iranian leader's atomic claims dubious. Certainly there is a track record to back that up. Ahmadinejad tops Econo-Girl's list of obnoxious loudmouths.

Econo-Girl's opinion is that Olmert is signaling an out for Iran and trying to put a lid on the crazies in the U.S. who are pushing for a nuclear showdown. It's great the way people always want somebody else to be blown up.

Here's what their analysis lacks: in WWII, we were the ONLY ONES WITH A NUCLEAR WEAPON. Now, many nations have them. So the hothead deciding to use one will be destroyed themselves. That makes the North Korean nuclear threat far more serious than the Iranian one. The one thing the Iranians don't have is a suicidal cult of personality. Beneath the rhetoric, they can be negotiated with.

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The Lazy Iguana said...

Israel does not want a full out war in the Middle East. Why would they? They live there!

The Rapture crazies on the other hand live way over here in the USA. They DO want a full out war in the Middle East. That way they can be Raptured up into the sky and Jesus can return to the Earth. Everyone dies, and then they get to return to the Earth, where the Garden Of Eden will be restored. Only with pants.

This is the scary part. The people in the USA who seem to WANT a major war.

Anonymous said...

President Ahmadinejad's real views are summarized on this website: ahmadinejadquotes.blogspot.com

Fuzz said...

"The Rapture crazies" do not necessarily "want" a war in the Middle East, they merely believe that it is prophesied that it will happen.

Econo-Girl said...

There are people who believe that the world is about to end, and also feel they will be doing everyone a favor by helping that process along.

Not a lot of them, mind you. Just enough to send anthrax through the mail to kill postal workers.