Girl Lost in Poker Bet

Another appalling example of how women are treated in Pakistan. A girl's father promised her instead of money when he lost a poker game. And those tribal elders are, of course, telling the family that they have to give the girl over.

Now the father is long dead and the winner of the bet, her uncle, wants to force the girl to marry his son. Reuters published a photo of the 17-year-old crying. It's really sad. She should be laughing at these idiots instead. Like, "What? Marry that joker! Ha!" The fact that she is instead crying shows how real the chances are of her getting handed over.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Gambling rule #1 - never ever welsh on a bet.

Of course, gambling rule #1 assumes you are only betting money, or your car or house or something. Not a human being.

Econo-Girl said...

What is it with these moronic Pakistani elders always coming up with dumb ass rulings that make the international press? I guess global shaming works against these guys because we are reading about them regularly.

But I wonder if there is a non-profit that is effectively collecting these kind of stories, documenting them, and then getting them some press? There has to be. International papers aren't going to do that kind of research on their own.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I do not think the elders have the internet in their mud huts. They do not care what the outside world thinks.

Cause their rulings are based on their Holy Book - and all other Holy Books are fake.

You know, the same thinking that has kept the world at war for thousands of years now. My book is better than your book.

I say - toss em ALL out. No more Holy Books till human beings grow up and STOP trying to force their version of the book on everyone.

Only then can fundamentalism be stamped out. And ONLY then can there be any lasting peace in the middle and far east.

Michael said...

It's scary, the kind of societies that the muslim world has built up.