Note to Britney Spears

Hang in there. You are talented and a lot of people care about you.

Don't listen to the idiots, lay low for a while, and get your head together. Worry about everything else later. The media machine will find somebody else to digest soon enough.


CiscoKid said...

I don't think that she is doing much listening-of any kind and all the media "attention" is self inflicted. (A future Anna Nicole)?

The Lazy Iguana said...

Her "talent" will fade once the headlights begin to droop.

Really - she was never a good singer. You know who CAN sing? Listen to some music recorded in the 50s and 60s. Back when you had to have real talent because there was no MTV.

Her money was made by selling music to 15 year old girls and creepy men who got a rise from her album covers.

I think all this "celeb" worship crap is a national sickness. What to see why America will fall behind the world? Why Americans are getting dumber and dumber when the rest of the world is getting educated?

Watch CNN and what passes for "news" in this place. Anna-Nicole Smith still being dead and Britney cutting off her hair is about as newsworthy as what I flushed down the toilet this morning.

Econo-Girl said...

What a great line, Iggy.

"Anna Nicole Smith is still dead. Back to you, Soledad."