'No Space Race' Claims U.S. State Department

Our U.S. State Department is deeply concerned about television viewing options here in the United States. Alternatively, they are a little worried about the Chinese getting real about the militarization of space.

"Oh, let's not endanger our astronauts or add to pollution and debris orbiting the Earth," Tom Casey of the State Department, in effect, cries. Like that's the problem. "Let's not endanger our way of television viewing." Or, let's pretend that all those millions of NASA dollars were for the sake of science, knowledge and humanity. Not as setting the stage for future military domination.

On the other hand, having just gotten out of the Cold War, maybe our leaders aren't interested in everyone in the States wanting to know about the problems of our space program.

In the U.S. bid for military domination through space technology, we are bumping into other countries intent on doing the same thing. Like China. You know, the people who blew up that satellite the other day?

So maybe space pollution isn't the real issue here.

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The Lazy Iguana said...

Yea...there is not a space race with China....naaaaaa.

The funny thing is that this time around, we are HELPING our rival! During the Soviet Era there was little trade between the USA and the USSR. But with China - it is trade galore! They send us all manners of crap (both good stuff and cheap garbage) and we send them money. They use that money to buy technology from US Companies, and then....they shoot down satellites.