U.S. War With Iran: Watch It, Ahmadinejad!

Look Ahmadinejad, I know you are just thrilled to think that the U.S. isn't going to invade Iran right now. But don't push it too far. Your Foreign Minister was gloating the other day about how the U.S. taxpayer won't tolerate a war with Iran. Well, that's for right now. Never overestimate the American public. Or any public, for that matter.

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Erwin81 said...

I still dont understand why the US had gone into war so many times after WWII :corea,vietnam,golfI,and the present iraq+afganistan
to defend freedom?to make the weapon dealers rich?
and bevare with the arabic countries...Afghanistan was the beginning of the end for the dreaded sovjet empire,even if it took only 1 week to conquer their capital!