Chavez Is Losing It

Venezuela's Chavez claims that CIA assassins are trying to kill him. Even if that were true, which it isn't, he sounds like a lunatic talking about it. Chavez obviously has no one around him who will tell him about this. Isolation for a guy at the top is never a good thing.

Chavez had a real opportunity to lead prior to the United Nation's sulfur comments about Bush. Now he adding to his image damage by going on about CIA assassinations. Who's going to ally with a guy like that? His unexpected outbursts make him scary to his friends, not the United States.


Anonymous said...

chavez is cutting prices for americans who need oil...
what are the american oil companies doing???? MAKING RECORD PROFITS off of us! I say buy Citgo gas for a week and show the AMerican oil companies what you think and you can screw Chavez by diminishing his oil supply ! it is a win win situation!

The Lazy Iguana said...

Bush is loosing it too. He is doing some sort of "Anti-Chavez Tour of South America" or something like that. And so far, all I have heard from the region is massive popular OPPOSITION from the people.

In Colombia, thousands of students protested saying that US Aid has only brought pain and misery to the region.

Which in a way is true. Because this "aid" had strings attached. And these strings plunged Colombia into a Civil War of sorts, saw the rise of the drug cartels, and made Colombia a dangerous place to be.

Bush may be the one of the biggest reasons the leftist revolution is taking hold in Central and South America.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Money Maker,

I don't know much about Chavez but I do know that you are really angry with me when I need you most! Do you ever Role Play to be The Show Alias? That Woman as Ultra Bluebird with 4 and always has. I told her No in 1996. The State dosn't know how to do Research Humanistically. I'll take a polygraph on that.

We could be The Spy Who Shagged Me...



Publisher said...

How can you possibly say the CIa is not involved in assasination attempts on Chavez? You can't possibly have that knowledge.

If you put together our history in Latin/South America and the actions in general by the Buchies in the last six years, it would seem to be a better than 50-50 proposition that the CIA is involved in assasination plots. It is almost a certainty that the CIA is talking with and funding Chavez's "opposition". Taht opposition certainly has coup or assasination in mind.

You also view Chavez statements as crazy. That view is a strictly US view. In his own country whipping up allegations against the US is a tremendously profitable political exercise. Bush hates him because he is a politically smart leftest.