John McCain is a Man of Honor

John McCain is a man of honor. You may not agree with all of his choices. You many not like the guy. But he is a man of honor underneath it all.

He is unwilling to endorse the extreme, and dangerous, rhetoric of the racist right wing of American politics. Given the American history of assassination surrounding the issues of race and integration, he putting a lid on any implied tacit approval of violent measures to stop Barak Obama. His followers needed to hear that.

"Off with his head" is an implied threat of death. We don't usually have that with American politics. I know that people didn't mean "kill Obama" when they said it. But there is an element of violence in that particular expression of opposition.

People have claimed that John McCain has succumbed to the evil methodologies of Rove in an attempt to win this election. And I would have to agree. However, his action in pulling back the rhetoric demonstrates that he still is decent underneath being a candidate.

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The Lazy Iguana said...

Yea. Sure he is.

All this time he has sat back and quietly allowed it to go on. He did nothing when Fox "news" was reporting Obama was a muslim. He said nothing about all the emails, false stories, and whatnot.

Only AFTER someone got the audio of what some people were yelling did he say something. And then only when questioned about it.

I am calling "bullshit" on this one. He knew about all this stuff before. And if he did not know about it - he is unfit to be President because I knew about it, and I am not in the race to run the USA for the next 4 years. So if he was ignorant about this, what else is he ignorant about?

He knew. And he was content to just let it go. After all - it was getting him votes. Why should he care if the accusations were true or not?