Sarah Palin On Rape and Abortion - She Favors Birth Control

Here is a hidden story. Sarah Palin favors birth control. Not the morning after pill, but she is in favor of contraception.

Would that make her a rational pro-life candidate? She also favors support for mothers choosing to have a baby by making adoption easier.

But here's something I want to know: would Sarah Palin be in favor of forcing a woman to bear a child? That the essential issue in the abortion debate. No matter how much you hate abortion, will you try to force women to bear children they don't want to bear?

I say "try" to force because we all know that women, as they have from the beginning of time, will find ways to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. The abortion debate is a power struggle over the power of women to choose to bring a new life into the world.

Abortion will not be stopped with a law.

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Unknown said...

Very true- if someone wants an abortion, they'll find a way to have one. The question is, do we want them to have access to real doctors and medical professionals, or will we make them have abortions in the back alley? I personally would not choose to abort my baby, but I realize I can't choose for everyone, and each person is in a different situation. But the idea of making abortions illegal in all situations scares me. If it's my life or the pregnancy, I want to live. I think women should have that choice.