Worst Week Ever From the Worst President Ever

President Bush, who inherited a balanced budget, spent like a drunken sailor for eight years, and here we are. The amount of American debt that the international community has bought is directly related to the amount we had to borrow to pay for President Bush's profligate spending. Now our entire country is indebted to, and dependent on, foreign money to stay afloat. Since when is that conservative?

George Bush's breed of Republican is interested in power for power's sake. The ideology they chant is only meant to gather support for what they want to do.

Certainly no one can say that President Bush's philosophy of less government, and getting government out of the lives of people, has any relationship to his actions.

George Bush likes to blame other people for his problems. Who is getting the blame this time? Is it going to be another "Clinton recession"? That is what President Bush called the recession of 2001. I'm just waiting for the conservative media machine to revisit the phrase.

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The Lazy Iguana said...

They already have. Where have you been?

I think it all started with Glen Beck and his assertion that this was all caused by "forcing" banks to lend to "risky minorities". And of course the (black people) "risky minorities" defaulted on their modest homes, often worth less than the average home value, causing all this mess.

And it gets better! Obama personally trained the legions of ACORN people, who then marched into banks and forced lenders - at gun point - to just loan money to anyone who was even a little bit dark. ACORN forced the loans to not require income verification.

And the link to Democrats? Of course there is the obvious (to them) ACORN link to Obama. And it was that evil Carter who signed the law preventing redlining way back in 1977.

Bush, and the Republicans, were totally innocent here.

Oh yea, all the ultra luxury condo buildings in downtown Miami that are in default - MINORITY LENDERS! ACORN again. Why I personally witnessed some people bust into a bank and demand that a homeless man be loaned $100 million to build a luxury condo building. And now that building in not even finished with construction and it is bankrupt.

Darn liberal activists.

Too bad for the right that it is not working anymore. People are starting to see through the bullshit.