The Red Menace

Let's make a new rule: All states have to be self-supporting in terms of Federal tax revenue. That means that states like Alaska, who comfort themselves with a "suspicion" of Washington, would no longer get all that extra Federal money. Neither would Wyoming or any of the other red states.

Because the debtor states are the red states. These people who want Washington out of their lives could start by giving back the excess Federal money they get over and above the amount of taxes they pay.

But isn't it all about the purity? The "we are better than you because we pretend not to have sex until marriage or gay sex" thing?

Yeah, right. Give us back our money and you can be as pure as you want. Then you really don't have to worry about Washington interfering with your life.


Lil Ms. Independent said...

You made me laugh. Thanks... I just can't get over the crazy things people say. And yes, if you don't want the government to tell you what to do, don't take their money.

The Lazy Iguana said...

That would be fun. I am pretty sure Florida pays more into the system than it gets back in pork.