An Idea for Detroit

How about US automakers, rather than merge or go bankrupt, find a way to make a hybrid engine that will fit into their old cars? Or better yet, an electric engine just for urban use.

Imagine how cost-effective that would be! For a few thousand dollars, you can basically have a new car. That would be great! I'd be all over that.

And maybe those new engines could fit into old cars like Jaguars, too.

In those huge companies that spent all that money on research and development, there has to be some green technology engine in the works.

And the impact would be intense. Suddenly people could get new engines instead of completely new cars. Steadily, and over time, the American car could be transformed into a green machine. American consumers would save money, national pride and optimism would be restored. Not bad.

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Foxwood said...

Bailout and then Bankruptcy... What this means is our tax money was a waste.