Join the Modern Underground Railroad

REMINDER - Have you heard about the New Underground Railroad?

It’s a web-based portal where anti-trafficking activists across the globe can link up to share information about campaigns, one-time events, important legislation, internships and job positions. Create your own FREE account with End Slavery Now -- the world’s largest database of volunteers, organizations, facilities and service professionals fighting to stop modern day slavery.

To sign up, visit http://bit.ly/bTEvz1

Also, be sure to check out End Slavery Now’s BRAND SPANKING NEW "Action on the Ground" project map (http://bit.ly/ov8qkW ) -- the first comprehensive and interactive web-based app to track the global fight against human trafficking. This new tool allows partner NGOs around the world to upload projects, photos and links; making it easy to see what organizations are doing to rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate modern-day slaves, as well as stem demand.

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