Tiny Hands in Nepal

NEW - Do you have a moment to add your name to another petition supporting enhanced border security in Nepal to ensure young girls are not trafficked into India to work in brothels?

An estimated 10,000 girls are kidnapped or coerced across the border into India where they are sold into a life of sexual slavery. Many of these girls are offered a chance to escape from their poor villages, either through a false marriage or job opportunity in the city. Once they arrive they are shuttled across the Indian border to brothels were they are forced to have sex with as many as 40 clients each day.

Tiny Hands is aiming to collect a minimum of 7,500 signatures before November when their vice president of justice operations, Jeff Blom, is slated to bring the petition before the Council Against Human Trafficking in Nepal. You can sign the Change.org petition sponsored by Tiny Hands International here: http://chn.ge/oQBB8B

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