"Obama! Obama!" Cried the Homeless

There's something about DC's fine old buildings that draw homeless people to their benches. In this case, the National Building Museum. A casual walk to the courthouse led to a thought-provoking encounter, at least for me.

A group of homeless people were lolling about on the benches and lawn of the National Building Museum yelling "Obama! Obama!" to passers-by. I was one of them.

There were all kinds of hopes and dreams put upon President Obama when he was elected, including those homeless people. In retrospect, it would have been impossible for him to fulfill all of them. But wouldn't it have been possible for him to meet just a few of them? Defenders of the President talk about his accomplishments: capturing Bin Laden, health care, etc. All really big things. What's missing is the chest-thumping and the anger. Of course, those same defenders will say that that is just not his style. So change your style. Bankers essentially stole hundreds of millions of dollars and left the American taxpayer with the bill. Then they still throw people out of their homes without having possession of the underlying note and give themselves legendary salary bonuses. People are angry. They want a little blood. Give it to them. And you would even have the law on your side.

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