At Long Last

Econo-Girl has decided to become a Federal employee. She wants to own a
business but that can wait. There are novels to write and poetry to sing,
and that will be her focus now.

And a steady paycheck is not a bad thing.

In terms of the deficit, a number of economists are pointing to disaster.
So I am going to play it safe and easy. Would that be a bad life? No.

In a way, Econo-Girl is disappointed in herself. She wanted to fight the
wilds of economics and tame them. It is not to be. Not now. But it leaves
her feeling a little sad.

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The Lazy Iguana said...

What agency are you going to work for?

I was a federal employee. I worked for Transportation Security Administration and therfore Department Of Homeland Security.

I did not have a very good experience. Management was very poor. Employees were treated like poop.

I work for Dade County now, in the same airport I worked in with TSA. I am much better off now. MUCH better off.