Justice Roberts

Econo-Girl interned for the Senate Judiciary Committee in her wayward youth. She sat in the gallery for too many of their hearings. And she can say without equivocation:

Orrin Hatch is an asshole.

Absolutely EVERYTHING that came before that committee, Orrin Hatch compared to Roe v. Wade. EVERYTHING. How can people elect someone like that? Once a black Senator reamed him out for comparing slavery to abortion. Good for her, even though she turned out to be a bit shady.

And how does Senator Byrd get re-elected all the time? Who are these people that vote for him?


lewis_medlock said...

.......just goes back to an earlier post of mine.........that what flies in NY state wont fly in Idaho...or in this case , what works in Utah wont cut it in California. Orrin is a perfect fit if you are from Utah...conservative and white.
Byrd on the other hand, is a perfect WV Dem...impossible to find a better liked guy in that state.....more specifically , why do you not like him??

Econo-Girl said...

I don't like him because he keeps trying to send all of the Washington DC bureaucracy to West Virginia! Who the HELL wants to live there?

Yes, he does his job in terms of bringing mandatory business to that state, but for those of us who might be pressured into LIVING there, it is not fun.

Econo-Girl said...

And he looks like a chicken.

lewis_medlock said...

......econo.......Im glad you have concrete, resolute reasons for your dislike ;)

he's a good guy for WV.

are you possibly affected by his actions??

btw...I actually like the place, but that might be because i am an avid outdoorsman....excellent white water. trout fishing , camping and hunting to be found there.

lewis_medlock said...

......looks like a chicken.......?

ok, I'll give you that one!!

The Lazy Iguana said...

The neo-con right wing ONLY care about a few issues.

1. No gay marriage.
2. No abortions.
3. Prayer will solve ALL the world's problems. And if not guns will.

Thats it! Nothing more.

lewis_medlock said...

iguana....its a shame that the guns issue is bought and owned by the right....
left leaning, aclu fan here....also gun nut (lol)...
im surprised that the womens movement isnt pro gun.....my wife is a little thing and im a big guy....but she is more than familiar with how to operate a 357 magnum...the great equalizer.
stephen hawking is on the same footing as hulk hogan if he has a firearm.....gun problems, in my estimation are really social problems that manifest themselves with a shooting...the US would still lead the world in per capita homicide, if you took firearms out of the number cruching. And we'd still be ahead in the total numbers as well too.