Econo-girl weeps for the devastation in Louisiana and Mississippi. She equally weeps for the people who had no means of exit prior to the storm. She grits her teeth at people who don't even consider the poor and sick in making evacuation plans.

Mark my words: there will be blowback from this event and its poor handling. The 'let them eat cake' attitude that has prevailed in our national dialogue is going to be met with virolent opposition.

There is some belief in this country that the poor are poor because of some moral failing or laziness. Despite our national myth, opportunities are NOT available to all. If they were, do you think all those people would have stayed in the path of a category five hurricane? Econo-Girl can hear people now saying she is comparing apples and oranges. No I am not. If the same opportunity FOR SURVIVAL is not given, how could one believe that the same opportunity for education is there?

Econo-Girl briefly attended services at a church that was overwhelmingly WASP liberal. They had a class on 'Class in America'. The overeducated types whined about how equal education was not available to all. Econo-Girl pointed out that if it was, their little darlings would be competing with inner-city youth for precious college admission slots. We couldn't have that. It would upset the hereditary nature of America's class system.

So Econo-Girl is angry. She is upset. She is amused by Chavez in Venezuela and disenchanted with so-called Christians.


lewis_medlock said...

.....you are right on the mark on this one.

It is unfortunate, but folks who live in destitute poverty in rural white areas will never believe that their futures are intertwined with folks who live in urban areas. Thats why GW is the president right now. Im not even sure its a race issue anymore....the dialogue has changed to include urbanites, women , Catholics and intellectuals. That whole overseer mentality still exists in uch of America......a mentality where the guy whippin' the slaves identifies with the owner, yet the owner couldnt give a fuck about him.
The best one can do today is move up one class with luck and parents who care....and by care I mean with their pocketbook, too... I have friends who make a 6 figure income (household total...firefighter and teacher) who i dont know how their kids are going to afford college
Me.....my girls are going to go to a public college here in town and their not going to worry about dime one....sure they might not live in the fashionable apt, have a VW Beetle convertible, but at the end , they'll have a degree in a useful field. The oldest wants to be a vet (animal doc, not cannon fodder)...I tell her the money will be there if she posts the grades.
Yeah , this BS about equal opportunities for all is like Jim Jones' Cool-Aid to the middle class suburbanites.they drink it w/o realizing its bad for them.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Here is what gets me.

1. Katrina hits the Gulf Coast, and El Presidente does nothing for several days.

2. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court kicks the bucket, and right away he has something to saty about it. He probably decided in a minute who he will nominate now.

Doy doy doy doy doy. The "great decisive leader" can only make a decision when it has to deal with inserting intelligent design into science books, or to appoint some holy roller to the courts.