Kill All Spam!

It seems that our host, Blogger, is getting beset with spam once again. Econo-Girl has a few suggestions, if she may be so bold.

Block all traffic from Blogger to the spam sites. Who's going to go there anyway?

Blogger has the resources to do an overload 'attack' on the spam sites. That would either crash the systems or bring them to a grinding halt. Then the spammers would make NO money at all.

More important here is how individual behaviour has the potential to ruin the Internet. Econo-Girl is reminded of a conference she attended at the Heritage Foundation. Some woman, who looked a little rabid, went on and on about medieval times and how there was a group of merchants that regulated its own behaviour and there was no need for government. The threat of being thrown out of the group was enough to enforce proper actions, because anybody thrown out would go broke.

She then made the case that that's all we need today. Hmmmm. If it was such a great system, why isn't it in place today? And how can we apply that arguement to the Internet? We can't. That's why these radical Libertarians are psycho. In her frame of reference, people bathed twice in a lifetime. Should we bring that back, too?


lewis_medlock said...

.....the self policing works.......
on a small scale only!!!
if we lived in a small, pre-industrial community , then , sure, Id give it a try.

.....but in the society and economic system we have today???


its funny, but the HF and their ilk is merely backlash against their evil, rotten youthful past....point in case...my father in law was a philandering, pot smoking, care free, drunken goof.......now he is mr. neocon....he is 56...I really believe alot of this neocon BS is because all of the people who came of age in the 60's and part of the 70's want to 'repent'
just my 2 cents.

The Lazy Iguana said...

People are stupid. The guilds were as much about keeping power within a group as they were about anything else.