The Hurricane Tapes

National Public Radio has some explosive information on its morning show. It was the taped phone conversations of officials preparing for Katrina. Normally, Econo-Girl turns the radio off and goes back to sleep. Not this morning. She waited like an expectant cat.

It seems that FEMA did NOT have generators in place to deliver to the disaster zone. This requirement should not have been a surprise to them, as it was part of the disaster run-through they had done with local officials previously. Am I being redundant to say people died because of this? The generators were to have provided electricity for machines sick people depended on.

Econo-girl is the first one to admit she is a pain in the ass. I'm very good at what I do, but I am a pain in the ass. So is it too much to think that if the people in charge of FEMA disaster relief and preparedness were 'not getting it' that someone should have knocked on their hotel door and expressed it to them personally? That's the Econo-girl route. Of course, a lot of people hate me because of it. But, I mean, they live somewhere, don't they? So track them down. And I would bring Liesure Lad, because he can talk anyone into anything.


The Lazy Iguana said...

The people running FEMA need to be dunked in the New Orleans nasty polluted flood water, then forced to live on a roof without any supplies for a few days.

What FEMA failed to do was unacceptible. Not being ready for a storm comming days in advance is not something to be expected from an emergency disaster agency.

How well would FEMA be prepared for something that can not be predicted? Like for example a major earthquake. Or a large scale terror attack.

My guess is not very well.

Econo-Girl said...

I think you are hitting America's thoughts exactly. And they are wondering why we are paying attention NOW to the poor in New Orleans when they have been ignored so far. Which led to the disaster within a disaster a few weeks ago.