Econo-Girl is paying off her current car, a used 1998 Mercedes. By that time, Leisure Lad should have his driver's license.

Recent events has turned Econo-Girl's mind towards survival. The next car should be a hybrid. Because what if Washington, DC were to be hit by disaster? It is not a remote prospect. Then at the very least, we can drive to my parent's house in the mountains at 20 mph without worrying about gas.

Our house is on high ground, something Econo-Girl has always insisted on since viewing an exhibit on the Johnstown flood as a girl. If our house is underwater, most of the Eastern seaboard will be under water. But just to be safe, perhaps we should buy an inflatable mattress. I saw a photo of some kids floating on one of those.

It galls me that people would be able to forget the Administration's role in the Katrina death toll. And they will. They will all remember the speech and the carefully-chosen backdrop, not the budget cuts and ineptitude that led to the huge loss of life. That depresses Econo-Girl.

The fallacy of state's rights and limited Federal government was revealed using human lives.


The Lazy Iguana said...

I am not distracted in the least by the speech.

What gets me is that people actually watch those speeches! ACTION! That is what I want to see. Words are just noises.

That said, I did watch the speech. It was a good speech, as far as Bush speeches go. Only a few minor speaking errors, and he did not drool on himself. Public speaking is NOT the man's strong point.

It sounded almost as if the man were trying to sell his own ideas to himself.

Econo-Girl said...

Interesting how the former prez Clinton criticized Bush on Sunday.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Yea. Clinton finally ripped him an ass.

Of course, what does Clinton know? He is only a Rhodes Scholar. And a dirty liberal who lied to the people.

Telling a lie to start a war is OK - telling a lie to cover up oral sex is a crime.

lewis_medlock said...

looking for a survival vehicle......get a truck with 4 wheel drive....that toyota prius will do you no good should you be locked in grid lock leaving DC...a truck will be able to plow down the median, full of snow or not, should the need arise.
you can take your stuff with you as well, at least some of it...what you bring is up to you...
just my 2 cents

Econo-Girl said...


But the problem is the cost and availability of gas for the car. This is why I was thinking of a hybrid, because gas wouldn't be such a concern then.

lewis_medlock said...

hybrid fan here......i really am.

but in a world where flooded roads, crowded highways and disruption of essential services, id take the 4wd truck.....a truck will go about 250 miles on a tank......throw in a 30 gallon tank in the bed and you have a 500 mile radius of operation.....enough range to cancel out any advantage the hybrid might have.