Christmas Shopping

Econo-Girl comes from a family with a lot of emotional issues around gift-giving.  That makes these holidays particularly difficult.  So all of us got together and decided that only children get gifts. 
So dredging the department stores on behalf of my sisters and brothers-in-law is not on the list this year.  And Econo-Girl is looking forward to the holiday. 
Econo-Girl also wants to note that the Martha Stewart holiday decorations at KMart.com are already starting to sell out.  Good for her!  And not surprising, considering the prices.  KMart.com is a good place to buy generally.
Another good shopping online venue is Overstock.com.  But Econo-Girl has not had the best success with their toys.  But lots of success for home furnishings and adornments and clothes.  Great rugs there, too.  Wonderful prices on pearl necklaces.  Surprise your mother on the cheap!
About EBay.  Econo-Girl gets her antique quilts there, something for which she has a decided weakness.  But she has the sneaking fear that much of what is sold on EBay is stolen/shoplifted.  So she is not comfortable buying regular things there.  And an intrepid consumer could look for the same items at Overstock.com and often find them less expensive there.
The American Book Exchange is another great place for bargains, and the otherwise hard-to-find book.  Leisure Lad practically lives on the web page.  It is called ABEBooks.com, or something close to it.  Google it and see.
For that person difficult to please, send holiday snacks from HarryandDavid.com.  OK, not the cheapest.  But very hard to argue about.
Another great place for rugs is HomeDecorators.com.  Good quality and good prices.
Econo-Girl despises the holiday rush and so has completed her Christmas shopping, almost.  Completely online.  And they wrap it for you and send it!  Whee!


lewis_medlock said...

x_mas shopping........what a joy.
I dont go anywhere on the day after thanksgiving.....ppl into that mess are what is wrong with America, IMHO.
Rude, crass & selfish. You must be all 3 to enjoy that mess.....

But since I shop for my wife only (she handles the rest...) I guess i have it easy.
ps....LM got himself an 8 point deer last week with his cross bow.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I will always gladly accept a beer sample pack. You know, 6 or so beers from various micro-brews. That kind of thing.

But this year The Lazy One wants a jet ski! A three person jet-ski. Why three people? They are a little more stable, if slower, than the single seaters. I do not really care much about speed anymore.

I will also accept a 25 foot sailboat :)

Econo-Girl said...

Lewis! An eight-pointer! wow! That will feed the family for a whole winter.

And as an aside, you can get a lovely pearl necklace on Overstock.com for $38. And for shoes, Zappos.com.

Econo-Girl said...

Iggy, stable is good. I've never actually been on one of those things. It seems scary.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Naaaa, they are fun. They CAN be dangerous, but only if the rider is an idiot. Ride within your limits and they are just pure fun. Try to go full throttle, jump wake from other boats, and stuff like that and you might end up crab food.

Econo-Girl said...

Crab food. Clever, Iggy, clever.