The Greatest Invention

OK, OK, maybe not the greatest.  But click on the link:
to read about a sound emitter that repels teenagers because only teens and younger can hear the high-pitched sound.
Econo-Girl lives in a decidedly urban environment that is going to host a Wal-Mart soon.  That store will be right next to a giant high school.  Wonder if they will use something like this device to keep the kids under control.
And think of other applications.  I mean, how about an anti-teenager sound emitter in public parks taken over by drug dealers?  Or on corners being patrolled by gangs?  How about at hookey hideouts? 
Econo-Girl wants to buy one of these things.
There are those of you who might think Econo-Girl is being a bit nasty.  So what.  Let them walk around a bit.  It's good exercise.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Hell no you are not nasty! I like the concept too. I would get a super high powered device and install it under the hood of my vehicle.

lewis_medlock said...

...........hi econo....been a few, been busy.
this may be a bit morbid so hang on...!
there are 3 or 4 17 year old punks that cruise my neighborhood....none give me a hard time, but we exchange glares.
yesterday as Im elbow deep in deer blood and guts with a 6" buck skinner in my grasp, they cruise by...the looks said it all.
...a man that will scoop the inards from a 200 pound animal that he himself killed probably isnt the guy to screw with.
btw...your right on re. the candy price concept.