CNN Money Should Be Ashamed!

Click on the below link to see an insulting recount of the value of the dollar:
Damn CNN Money! 
Econo-Girl is upset at another well-read business article that sounds as if it is reporting on a football game.
The article rewritten: 
US is great!  Yeah for us!  Yeah for US!  We are going up!  Up is good!
Those other guys are dropping.  Dropping is for losers.  Losers!  Ha!  No one knows how we do it.  Neither do we.  But we're still better than you are.
Look at all the things that are going up for us:  consumer sentiment, gas affordability, etc.  Those dumb Europeans are only now starting to raise interest rates like we did over a year ago.  Ha!
Our markets are more true capitalist, and that makes up BETTER THAN FANCY PANTS EUROPEANS WHO DON'T USE DEODORANT!


The Lazy Iguana said...

What did you expect from CNN? You do know what CNN stands for - Certainly Not News.

Anyway, maybe someone ought to tell the cheerleader who wrote the "article" that the Dollar / Euro exchange rate used to be something like 75 cents to one Euro.

Econo-Girl said...

"Certainly Not News" really funny, Iggy. I'm still on the hunt for a Federal job. Hope yours is going well.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Good luck with the Federal Job. My County job is going great. I worked for the feds, but I like it better where I am now.