Maureen Dowd Won't Listen To Me

Econo-Girl has written Maureen Dowd several times to offer tips and advice on her man problems.  No response.
So blogosphere, here it is:
Get over yourself.  That is to say, get over your social indoctrination to score a mate that is possessing of characteristics that would make your Mother happy.
Econo-Girl was a tender age at the beginning of feminism in the US.  She still remembers the outright laughing at spending as much money on female athletics as male athletics in high school.  And how girls were not allowed to take shop, and had to take home ec instead.
So women of a certain in-between generation can find themselves with a basket of leftover Neanderthals to pick from.  Unless they go younger.  Maureen Dowd is pretty and smart.  There is a guy out there for her who may not fit the typecast for a 'successful male.'  DC is full of successful men, and they are lousy lovers.
So Maureen, get yourself a red hot chili pepper lover, like Leisure Lad.  A romantic and a poet.  A devoted and caring man.  That's what you need to look for.


The Lazy Iguana said...

1. Who is this girl?
2. Where does she live?
3. What age range are we talking about here (I am a vintage 1974)
4. Does she like jet skis?

Econo-Girl said...

She is in her mid-forties, which may be a little old for you, but she is a Pulitzer Prize winning columnist for the New York Times. Recently she published a book about how hard it is to get a man if you are a successful woman.

Lives in NYC. Contact the New York Times web site for her e-mail. I think it is liberties@nytimes.com.

Good luck!

The Lazy Iguana said...

Mid 40s is OK. My needs are few, just a measly little sailboat of about 30 or so feet :)