Over the weekend, Econo-Girl got highly upset at her sister. Once again, my sister listened to an idea I had and proceeded to start listing all the things that could go wrong with it.

If there are any readers out there who can relate to this, let me know.

There are ways to listen effectively, and ways to communicate potential problems effectively. First of all, running down a list of problems with a person's idea is just negative. They are in the moment, excitedly sharing with you a new thought. Maybe in subsequent conversations, ask if the person is open to some dialogue on potential problems. Not as the first thing out of your mouth.


Anonymous said...

Yes. I've had this problem many times; with my family and dearest friends. It annoys me to no end. However, if it is just an idea, it can help you to smooth it out and fix it up, to perfect it. What I hate is when they do it to my beliefs. And the fact that they don't list or argue so much as just tell me I'm wrong and run away, knowing there is no way they can defend their position.

There are several good ways to present problems. You are correct; one should avoid listing. One must have an intelligent conversation, not just one listening as one tells them they're wrong.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I like to deal with these types of people by inventing super crazy ideas, then sharing them.

It usually makes me chuckle to hear them try to come up with a reply :)

Econo-Girl said...

Good idea, Iggy. I like doing that to my Mom sometimes.

Should Econo-Girl ever give birth, she already has a raft of names to torment her Mother with.