The End of al Sadr

A raid on a police station by British and Iraqi police will be the beginning of the end for al Sadr. Al Sadr had been teamed up with local thugs who infiltrated that local police force. The people in that area were terrified of them.

The point of this international story is al Sadr has made some bad alliances. His poor choices will lead to his downfall one way or the other. Either Coalition Forces and Iraqi troops will fight and defeat them, or Iraqis will simply move away.

Al Sadr has always been a pretender in the world of radical Islam, anyway. It was his father who was the respected Muslim cleric, not him. Al Sadr does not have the educational chops for his father's shoes. His actions imply that he does, though. That weakness will undermine him in the future.

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The Lazy Iguana said...

Think it will make any difference?

Get rid of Sadr and the next guy may end up to be worse. It is like when we put a gang leader in the clink. The gang just gets a new leader.

Speaking of gangs, what made Bush think that he could rid a foreign nation of thugs when we can not even de-thugify Los Angeles? And how can we get the opium out of Afghanistan when we can not even get the weed out of our National Forests?