My Biggest Fans

Readers, despite the events of the past year, the biggest Google hits to Econo-Girl's musings are the Roasted Chestnut recipe and the story of my dog's leg being broken.

Kind of gives you some perspective, eh?

The key to the recipe's internet success is the mis-spelling of "chestnut" as "chesnut" by people all over the world, including Econo-Girl. Let that be a lesson to you. Include common spelling mistakes and you too can be on the first page of Google results.

And don't get me started about pets. People love them. In our house, our little critters are number one. In fact, Liesure Lad is getting me a digital video recorder so I can start a YouTube site dedicated to our little beings. Econo-Girl can't wait. We are picking it up today.

So in the hurly-burly of international intrigues, we must remember that most people have other concerns. Most of the world is made up of other things. And those things count more.

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