Revenge of the Mid-Level Munchkins!

There's one thing about mid-level Munchkins that needs to be remembered, Mr. Bolton. They are related to high level Munchkins. And some even become high level Munchkins themselves.

And when you are sitting at the levers of power, don't forget who turns the wheels manually. It's all those Munchkins. So it's a good idea not to piss them off. Know what I mean? I guess you do now.

Like most bullies, you are afraid of power. and at the same time, expect others to be as fearful as yourself. With a little self-justification thrown in, you become a terror.

May Econo-Girl suggest the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People"? It may be very helpful in your next career.

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The Lazy Iguana said...

As long as he does not start a music career! One Bolton in the music industry is MORE than enough.

By the way, have you done a google news search for "Bolton"? You should. It is funny. Here is a sample of results

CBS - John Bolton's Greatest Hits Are Failures.

Taipei Times - Bolton's resignation brings some relief, mixed reviews.

Fox News - Why John Bolton's exit from the UN is bad for America.