New Perspectives From the World

In adding these links, Econo-Girl is providing English publications she has already evaluated and that have international coverage that dovetails with issue American news readers will be interested in. Here will be the source of differing perspectives on the same issues you read about in the U.S. press. Perspectives that are too local to the region will be omitted, as will sites that don't give enough free content to make looking at them worth it. The links will provide information you can get on a 15 minute break, without needing to become a scholar.

Econo-Girl will be adding noteworthy blogs and photo blogs in the future.


The Lazy Iguana said...

If you are adding noteworthy sites, how about removing the link to the drudge report :)

Econo-Girl said...

You got a good point there. The Drudge Report has seen its day, methinks.