If No One Told You They Loved You Today, I Love You

Remember, there is love all around.

Econo-Girl used to have miserable Christmases. Then she started selecting what really made her happy, rather than what was expected. That's when she started to spend the day at an AA club and then go to the movies. Voila! Happy Holidays!

At the time, Econo-Girl lived on Kalorama Rd NW in Adams Morgan. On that street, there were several displays of Christmas tree finery for pedestrians to admire. I vowed to one day join the Christmas Tree Elite of Kalorama Road, and so I did.

As more Christmases came upon us, Econo-Girl added a Christmas tree with thousands of lights so that it could be seen from the street as a beacon. An ostentatious beacon, to be sure, but a beacon. My place at the time was 400 sq ft and on the third floor, and the Christmas tree dominated it. Econo-Girl was happy.
My advice is to take what you like and leave the rest. See a movie with friends. Get Chinese food. Just don't paste a smile on your face and live out someone else's idea of holiday. Create your own.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas.

Econo-Girl said...


Anonymous said...

I hope your Christmas was a good one!

Econo-Girl said...


Thanks, but it sucked. I'm thinking of going back to pretending Christmas doesn't exist.