Tim Johnson's Brain Surgery

Econo-Girl recalls with some anger a friend who had brain surgery and was kicked out of the hospital and sent home THE NEXT DAY by the insurance company!

Is our Senator suffering the same treatment? It seems not.



The Lazy Iguana said...

How about this for a crazy idea? What if all elected officials were required by law to get the same treatment as America's working poor.

I wonder how fast national health insurance would be provided.

ciscoblog said...

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Fuzz said...

Does this mean insurance is alot like gambling ?

The Lazy Iguana said...

Insurance IS gambling. For example when people in South Florida buy hurricane insurance, we are in effect betting that a storm will destroy our home. If there is no storm, then the premium was wasted money. If there is a storm then the policy pays out. In theory. Sometimes the insurance company finds ways to not pay. Like calling rain damage after the WIND rips off your roof "flood damage".

I once heard that the modern insurance industry began in Italy at the boat docks. Cargo ship owners would place bets that their ship would not return. In the event the boat was lost at sea the owner would collect the bet. If the boat made a safe voyage the owner would loose the bet but be able to sell the cargo.