Aboriginal Glories

While the treatment of aboriginal peoples has been awful, their behavior hasn't been too hot, either. WARNING: this is extremely politically incorrect.

The girl on display in Argentina, the one who was sacrificed 500 years ago in a volcano, is the source of much attention because of the preserved state of the body. But let's not forget she and two small children were murdered by their people.

Why should aboriginals get a pass on this when we're always hearing about Columbus? I'm sick of this noble savage myth.

And the Native Americans, as they like to call themselves, try to suppress information that white people were here in North America before they were. In the US, they forbade any examination of a body that was one of the oldest found in the US. It was Caucasian. Their reasoning was that because it was so old, it had to be Native American and therefore they had right to bury it and forbid examination.

Fortunately, another such remains was found in Mexico, and that body could be studied.

I have no sympathy for anyone who clings to "the old ways." If the old ways worked, we'd all be using them. If they don't, dump them. That's what makes America great. We use what works and we judge by results.

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Anonymous said...


I couldn't help but to notice that your comment with regards to not having any sympathy to people who cling to old ways...and that America is great because you use what works etc sounds typical of American imperialism. I wonder if you've ever considered that aboriginal societies all over the world are marginalized and abused as a result (to a great extent) of the operations of multinational corporations based in the U.S.? And with regards to the "old ways" perhaps you don't realize that societies all over the world are founded on the "old ways." The U.S. is a "Christian" nation, was the bible written yesterday?

The Lazy Iguana said...

It really does not matter who was where first. The oldest human remains are found in Africa - therefore we are all Africans? I guess. I have no problem with that.

The civilizations that were here before Columbus "discovered" the place were somewhat advanced. You should get a good tour guide to take you to some Mayan ruins in Mexico. Their understanding of astronomy was more advanced than Europe, and the Mayan calendar is still the most accurate calendar known. It never needs a leap year to correct it.

As for the barbaric nature of their society - was it more barbaric than Europe where "witches" were being burned at the stake and heretics were tortured into believing in Jesus? Maybe. Maybe not. I suppose it all a matter of prospective.