Conspiracy Requires Cooperation

For all those 9-11 conspiracy fans out there, a conspiracy requires cooperation between the various parties. It is the observance of Econ-Girl that groups accused of conspiring wouldn't cooperate with each other to get off the Titanic, much less to cooperate to more nefarious and complicated ends.

And that's not even including the whole "keep your mouth shut afterwards" which would NEVER happen, even if both sets of people were operating with brain tumors to the extent they cooperated at all.


The Lazy Iguana said...

I never bought into the vast conspiracy theories either. Normally I am a big fan of conspiracy theories just for the humor value. How far will people go to grasp at straws? What crazy ways will they connect A to B?

But in this case, the theories were just annoying.

Erwin81 said...

9/11 well that's tough!
Both sides built up their theories very well. Many europeans belive that somewhat the US had been involved. I don't really know.
However, what got my attention, wich contrary to any other, can't really be explained is the PENTAGON
site. No track of any wreackage, no rockets launched for interception, and there's a very small hole, right before the collapse of the roof. There's no way a plane could have entered in such a small place. SO what was it?
And if u belive in this one, well then the others follow up as well..
Tell me econo girl, what happened

Econo-Girl said...

It is in the nature of human beings to want answers to questions, and if none exist, then to make them up.

There is a long distance between "I can't explain that" and "it was evil forces cooperating." One does not lead to the other, either.

Erwin81 said...

Are U a politician by any chance?
Cause U wrote something, and still didn't write anything :))
U have not answered my question

Econo-Girl said...

"What happened" and "My opinion" are different questions. I acknowledge I don't know what happened, and you don't either.

What do I think happened? It is not necessary for me to make up a story to answer all the questions. It is enough to say "I don't know what happened."

Erwin81 said...

OK that's better
My thoughts exactly
see no evil, hear no evil,say no evil