MTV in Columbia Heights

MTV is locating its Rock the Vote HQ right here in Columbia Heights. The rumored location is 11th and Park NW. They wanted an edgy neighborhood, and by God that's right here. They should have been here five years ago. It was so edgy people got shot on their own front porch.

I wonder how much of the coverage will mention that DC has no vote in Congress.

It's kind of fun to see the globs of young party-goers drifting down the streets these days. I wonder if Columbia Heights will become a kind of Adams Morgan for restaurant chains. And when that mall opens up we will be deluged with the shoppers. My money's on about ten thousand people a weekend visiting this area.

And then there are plans to 'develop' the Old Soldiers Home, an area of 77 acres to the northwest of Columbia Heights. It is to become a mix of shopping, residential with a 22 acre park in the middle. I fail to understand why these projects are considered improvements. I think a patch of green in the city doesn't need any improvement.

Prediction: in five years, my block will be zoned commercial.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Then you can sell out to some commercial developer for big buck$.

I do not think people who watch MTV are aware of much of anything at all. It is kind of scary that they vote.

When I was a student at University Of Florida in Gainesville there was a local election for the new sheriff.

Candidate A had a solid background in law enforcement (was an FBI agent for a number of years), and campaigned on a platform of being tough on drugs and having no tolerance for pot.

Candidate B was never in the FBI, was more of a politician than a cop, and campaigned on a platform of being tough on violent crime, but not really all that tough on minor things like smoking a little pot and having a wild crazy party at your apartment complex.

Guess who won?

Anonymous said...

I'd personally like to see MTV's Real World Anacostia.

Michael said...

Frankly, iguana, I'd probably have voted for Candidate B as well. Experience isn't the only criteria by which to judge a candidate (see, for instance, Dick Cheney). I'd much rather police money be dedicated to fighting real crimes than have them go to our endless War on Drugs (TM).

Which, if you believe the endless reams of social science research published in the last 50 years, actually increases violent crime.

And yeah, I might even turn on MTV again to see RW: Anacostia.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Michael - I was still a resident of Dade County and so I could not vote in Alachua County. Candidate B did win. The police and the PBA backed the other guy. It was a running joke on campus that candidate B was going to win because everyone in the County, including the cops, really just wanted to smoke a joint.

It really does not matter. All of them are corrupt. He won and nothing changed. Lots of money was still wasted on BS. And there was never any shortage of weed in the dorms.

Anonymous said...

rock the vote has nothing to do with MTV.

rock the vote was recently acquired by a local nonprofit here and is relocating to dc.

MTV has nothing to do with it.

just fyi

Econo-Girl said...

MTV started Rock the Vote and it is associated with Rock the Vote. How could you say they have nothing to do with each other?