Giuliani Does Not Understand Terrorism

Emergency preparedness, yes. Terrorism, no.

My opinion on his understanding of terrorism is based on a Time magazine article linked to the title of this post. He mocks the threat of North Korea because they never directly orchestrated an attack on U.S. soil. He apparently doesn't know that they sell weapons to people who do.

Guiliani thinks that the Iraq war reduces the terror threat in the U.S. What? The increased resentment towards the U.S. brought on by that war is bringing more recruits. Guiliani complains about the Clinton Administration track record on terror. At least Bill Clinton tried to bomb Osama bin Laden, and at a time when he was under severe personal attack.

Besides, I have some serious doubts about the quality of his character. Imagine running a campaign on "commitments" to the American public when your marriage failed in part because of your infidelity. The man is blind to himself. And of course there is the appointment of Bernard Kerik, a man who used the deaths of brave men and women to get a cool love nest for his mistress.


Anonymous said...

You're very smart and insightful, clearly a master rhetorician and polemicist; but I can't help noticing a certain myopia when it comes to some subjects. For example, when you infer that if America were to withdraw from Iraq, terrorism would decrease because the Muslims would stop hating the US. I can't believe that someone as well read and educated as you doesn't understand that, aside from fleeing, becoming a sub-human dhimmi, converting, or dying, there's absolutely nothing a non-Muslim can do. There is absolutely no tolerance in Islam, unless it can be a temporary step towards their goal of making the entire planet one big Muslim slave factory. Wake up girl! There's a very important nightmare going on in the real world.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Rudy is just saying what he thinks "the base" wants to hear.

fight them over there so we do not have to fight them here....blah blah blah....

Anonymous said...

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