Gingrich Won't Run !!

And he's put on a few pounds, too. I thought I'd mention that since if Hillary put on that much weight it would be a source of commentary:

What does it mean?
Has he lost his personal discipline?
Has he lost his focus?
Would he have a heart attack in office?
Will his wife throw him out for letting himself go?
Maybe he doesn't really want the White House?
Won't we look bad with a fat guy representing us at international negotiating tables?
Where will we get all the pictures of Our Fearless Leader chopping wood or jogging?
Does he dye his hair?
Was that the same suit he wore yesterday?

Food for thought.

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The Lazy Iguana said...

Good. Him as President would be a disaster. Not as big of a disaster as what we have now - but still. It would be like the difference in a 50 foot tsunami and a 40 foot tsunami. One is "worse" than the other, but neither one is good.

I think that Newt is at least smart enough to know that he does not want the job in 08. He can do better sitting on the sideline eating chocolate donuts and getting paid to run his trap.