Coraline is Not a Children's Movie ...

... and despite the good plot, great graphics, fun characters and twists of action, the crying children begging their parents to take them out of the theatre tended to be a distraction to all the fun. And guess what? None of the parents would take their children out of the movie. Not one. I could hear them telling their children not to worry, that little Coraline was still OK, etc. And all those little kids had to sit through that scary, haunting movie which even creeped me out a bit and I'm 44.

And let's not forget the obese old ladies who did a whole song and dance number on trapezes in pasties and a G string. I mean, really. Kind of funny, but a little gross. It was like old showgirls gone to seed.

So DO NOT TAKE CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 12 TO SEE CORALINE! That will spare you from having to make the difficult decision to walk out of the theatre. Just in case your decision isn't the right one.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Tim Burton movies tend to be like that.

Ill probably see it. The guy does make interesting movies.

Frank said...

This is not a Tim Burton film.