Planting Peanuts

So your soil is sandy and awful. Plant peanuts! They have pretty yellow flowers and no one will know to dig up the roots and get the food. At least in Columbia Heights there are problems with people stealing vegetables from gardens. I saw a tomato thief at work at 10th and Monroe Sts, NW last Fall. He actually had the nerve to bring a colander with him to hold the stolen tomatoes. I still wish I had gotten his picture on my phone.

So your losing your home or can't get a job. There's always some kind of peanut you can plant.

We are renting out rooms in our house, planting a garden, taking on odd jobs in dog care. We already sold most of our antiques a few years ago. I don't miss them at all. If we had to, we could get rid of the car because we live in DC.

What scares me most are the people who would rather see their children dead than living with someone else. Please reconsider. At least whoever gets them will care enough not to kill them. If worst comes to worst, send them to me. caxsmith@aol.com

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