Michael Vick Makes Me Sick, or Whoopi Takes a Payoff

Cheering as it is to be reminded about Michael Vick's lost endorsement income and prison experience, we are again reminded that he is getting out of prison eventually. Soon, in fact.

It raises the question of which football team is going to hire him. I can't wait for the justifications they give. Like, hey we kill pigs for the pigskin, don't we? Or, it's part of his Southern culture. My favorite: he's a different person now.

My question is: how much did Michael Vick's PR firm pay Whoopi Goldberg to advocate for Michael Vick on The View? Dog fighting is NOT PART OF SOUTHERN HERITAGE, Whoopi. What on G-d's Earth are you saying about the South?

Michael Vick is a cruel, evil man. Now everyone knows it. And Whoopi Goldberg can defend him for whatever reasons she has. But she isn't pulling Michael Vick up. He is pulling her down.

I don't think either Michael Vick or Whoopi Goldberg are prepared for what is coming should Michael Vick get a position on an NFL team.

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Anonymous said...

You are ridiculous. He's a cruel, evil man? Do you eat meat? Do you know how those animals are ruthlessly murdered on farms? Half the time the "killing machines" work improperly and skin them alive. Think about that next time you eat meat. Heaven save you soul if you eat chicken too. If you aren't a vegetarian, why don't we all use our energy to look at human rights violations going on across the world. Dogs are the least of our worries.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Anonymous must be a rabid football fan.

If Vick is hired by another team then the fans can speak by simply not watching that team play, and not buying any team crap. No flags for your car. No stupid shirts.

Do not pay to go to a game, do not watch the game on TV.

If that happens (and it will not, sports fans are addicted worse than crack heads) then you will see the team fire Vick really fast.

I am doing my part now. I could give a crap less about any professional sport. Nobody can tell you who the Teacher Of The Year for their state is - but countless idiots can name the starting lineup for some gas ass worthless football team.

And that is why this nation is falling behind.

Anonymous said...

Actually I'm not a rabid football fan. I'm just upset when people are hypocritical and speak out against someone like Vick, when he is the least of our problems. Just from the humane aspect regarding animals, how can one eat meat and deplore Vick? When you eat meat you are supporting an industry that tortures animals all in the name of making a profit. Vick killed maybe 10 dogs? 50? How many animals have you eaten in your life? You think they are even close to being humanely killed? Not only do I think there are more important causes out there involving actual human beings suffering, but if you want to go after someone for inhumanely treating animals why don't you start looking within and to your family and encouraging them to become vegetarians. Just as you say, don't buy Vick football gear, don't eat meat. As this is an econo blog too, meat is by far an unproductive use of land and completely unneccesary in our diets.

Ansonee San said...

Anonymous...you are a jackass. Period.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, big fat overwhelmingly obvious difference between eating the diet human beings are meant to eat, and getting pleasure out of participated in the torture, suffering and death of a living thing. Yes, some people that love animals eat meat. Some people that have compassion for Arabs getting waterboarded are also pro choice........there is no such thing as a human free of hypocracy.

However, dog lover or not, you have to realize that only the cruelest bastard can joyfully inflict pain on an innocent creature as a favorite pass time.