Failures of the War on Drugs

Do you really want to stop illegal drug use? Focus on demand here in the United States. If all our efforts and money were used to arrest Americans fueling the drug trade with dollars, then the war would be won.

The punitive measures used by the United States to stop the illegal use of drugs are being criticized by the Latin American Commission on Drugs and Democracy. We are accused of weakening South American governments and their democracies because our policies cause more drug violence south of the border.

Since when are your governments our responsibility? Personally, I agree with the unnamed U.S. official in the article: there is violence because the overall trade is contracting, not expanding. Let's contract it a little bit more.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the root of the problem, which is demand in the United States. Visit any college campus and it will be painfully clear just how badly the drug war has failed. I wish there was a way for these drug users to see the indirect consequences of their habits -- that at the same time they are chilling out, relaxing, expanding their minds or whatever, their money is fueling violence and instability. Sure, it's not the same thing as putting millions of dollars into the School for the Americans --which these folks would violently protest -- its a similar principle, but they for some reason cannot conceptualize it this way. Unfortunately, rather than enforcing the drug laws, it appears that we are closer to dismantling them now that the Dems are in power.

Anyway, I am sorry to be way, way late in following your insightful blog, however, something was nagging me recently and it was the fact that Panetta testified that "water boarding is torture and it's wrong." Damn... well that sounded familiar to me!!! Reminds me of that quote, "what is treason but a matter of dates?"

Think I'll buy one of your shirts when I have the money. :-)