WWII Hero Freezes in His Own Home

- Because the electricity was cut off for nonpayment. Elder law is the area I work in, and I fear that stories like these will be more and more frequent in the future. Call Axsmith Probate in Washington, DC for help. She saved my grandmother's life and has helped many people with their parents. Axsmith.net.

Getting help for an elderly parent is difficult because you want to trust the person caring for your parent. And sometimes you don't know that something is wrong at all. People, as they age, become fiercely protective of their independence and may go to great lengths to give the appearance of functioning - even lying to protect someone who is stealing from them. Asking for help would possibly mean losing control over their affairs. So they look the other way if they've been robbed by a home health aide.

Don't be surprised if your help is not welcome. Accepting help can seem like you need help, and many elderly people won't want to do that.

There are many things that can be put in place to protect your parent or elderly loved one to ease your mind. It doesn't have to be expensive, either. Contact me at Axsmith.net to find out more.

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