Alternative to Killing Your Kids

Another man has left children at a hospital under Nebraska's expanded Safe Haven law. Not infants. Children. Now the Nebraska legislature is thinking of changing the law.

Bad idea.

People can feel very overwhelmed and on the verge of drastic and violent actions. Let the stopgap in place now allow them to get a solution other than killing the whole family.

At least the kids will be safe while a solution is found. The expanded safe haven law is a good idea and should be implemented everywhere.


Ken and Belly said...

Hear hear! (And this from a former NE resident).

Karen Shea said...

Make it clear that dropping them off isn't babysitting. You may not get them back if you change your mind. But yes I think it is important to have a no questions asked place to leave the kids if a parent feels they can't handle them, for any reason.

While children are the parent responsibility sometime the most responsible thing to do is to say I can't.

Some people may only need a good meal and a good night sleep to pull themselves together but without it they might do something which would hurt the kids.