Bailout As the American Way of Life

It's not just Wall Street. Morons in Texas also want to be bailed out. Let's review the logic here:

Hmmm, "certain death" if I remain, according to the National Weather Service. Oh, heck, I can go buy a generator after the storm. And I'll get gas and food then, too. No need to think ahead of time, especially with all the warnings and stuff.

Let's not forget the one thing all these non-thinking bailout candidates have in common: they are conservatives.

Yes, those conservatives that want less government also want a bailout.

Remember all those rants about how government regulation of Wall Street weren't needed anymore? Remember Katrina, when the Federal government let local and state governments take the lead?

So it seems there is a role for Federal regulation after all. It's to prevent these kind of bailouts.

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The Lazy Iguana said...

Its Republican Socialism.

Privatize the profits, socialize the costs.

And look where that leads. Engage in whatever profitable risky schemes you want, and when it all implodes the government will bail the industry out.

But you get to keep all those huge mega million bonuses. Oh yea - and we will also lower your taxes!

Executive management gets the golden parachute.

And the public gets the bill.

As for disaster victims, I think it is natural to look for help. All your stuff is gone. The only things you have left are whatever you took with you. And if you had to take an evacuation bus the amount of stuff you can take is very limited.

It is possible all you have is a family photo album. If that.

And then all you see is destruction and devastation. Your home is no more. Blocks and blocks of homes are no more. And then to make matters worse, your place of employment is also gone.

So now you have no home, no stuff, limited money, and no job.

So you look for help from the State. You have nowhere else to go really.