I Like Russian Salad Dressing, and Can Be Your Next Secretary of State

So, our Ms. Palin lives next to Russia. She could see it from her state if she wanted to! I can't think of any better qualificaton for being Vice President myself. And I'll bet she has those Russian dolls that hide inside one another, too. Talk about credentials.

She's looked Russians in the eyes and thought about ordering vodka. Talk about vision.

Gov. Pain is scary. She doesn't choose to think about things. She could if she wanted, I'm sure. As could our current President. They just don't want to. And that's the scary part. This sort of deliberate non-thinking is appealing to many of our citizens.

Let us not underestimate Gov. Pain. After all, we are a nation that chose George W. Bush to be President. Twice.

But let's take a moment to barf on the newsman who didn't follow up on any of her absurd remarks. Note: ask for details on how living near another country prepares one for international negotiation.

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The Lazy Iguana said...

Yea, she is scary. And as far as my research can uncover, she only has a 4 year in journalism. Her out of college job was a sports reporter on some small town TV channel.

And then she ridicules community organizers. Who had graduate degrees.

She really is an empty suit. But nobody can say this or else they are "sexist" and picking on Palin.

Her education is minimal, her experience is lacking. only 20 months into her first term as governor of a State with a budget smaller than that of Miami-Dade County, which is only one County in Florida. Executive experience? really?

Her "Alaska is next door to Russia" statement is really scary. I do not think she really believes this, but if she does then she is not fit to be dog catcher in her little town - let alone mayor.

It is working. The base likes Palin because she is with them on abortion. That is all they care about. They will pray for McCain to die so she can take over.