Ron Paul on $700B Bailout - Why Does This Guy Make So Much Sense

Really, a great commentary on what is wrong with the financial system and what is wrong with the $700 billion bailout.

Reform the system, balance our budget, change our foreign policy, take care of our people at home, and lower taxes instead, says Ron Paul.

"The worst thing we could do is perpetuate the bad policies that gave us this trouble in the first place. We no longer believe in free market capitalism. Capital is supposed to come from savings."

Ron Paul calls for living within your means, for Americans to stop borrowing money to pay for our consumption.

McCain calls for another government agency. Obama is good at attacking McCain.

Ron Paul says the bailout sticks it to Main Street, and that Wall Street is pulling in Main Street to get rescued.

"You can't solve the problem of inflation - which is money and credit out of thin air - by creating more money and credit out of thin air."

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Karen Shea said...

De-regulation is self- regulation.
Self- regulation is self discipline.
The tree of self discipline needs to be watered regularly with the blood of pigs and fools.

Stop the Bail Out!
Let the pigs and the fools get slaughtered.
Time to water the Tree of Self Discipline