Let's Hunt Them Down ...

Who are these losers who are handing the United States and its allies these financial disasters? Who invented these new types of securities?

Let's hunt them down and take every penny they have. And all their houses, even if they don't know how many of them there are.

With the rescue of our allies in this affair, the political cover enjoyed by these nameless financial elites will be ripped apart. Europe and Japan will want blood.

And they will get it.

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The Lazy Iguana said...

But....thats wealth redistribution! They earned all that money. And now you propose that it be taken away from them just because a bunch of whiners lost a little money? Its their fault they lost all that money. All investments come with risk after all!

Is exactly what Bill O'Reilly would say. But he is an ass.

The fantasy of trickle down theory and deregulation is now clear. At least to me. And you have a man running for president who was a cheerleader for deregulation, and who was all about trickle down.

And now he claims to be a reformer. Now he claims to be all about regulation.

And so many people seem to believe him.

The other guy is not talking so much about new regulations as he is talking about taking the regulations that are or were in place and enforcing them. But he is communist. Or so the other side says.