Fox News Sues Treasury Department! Good!

Fox Business News has filed two Freedom of Information requests for the Treasury Department asking for information on how the financial bailout money will be spent with regards to Citigroup and AIG.

Since they received no response, Fox Business News is now suing the Treasury Department. Hooray!

The Treasury Department has no idea how the money is being allocated to the bailout recipients. They either can't answer the question or the answer is so embarrassing they are hoping that Fox Business News will go away if they are ignored.

As an aside to Secretary Paulson of the Treasury Department, when you go to the U.S. Congress and ask for billions to bail out your former colleagues and let former competitors - Lehman Brothers - go down the drain, people are going to want to know how that money is spent.

I'll bet if Secretary Paulson had a teenage girl who wanted $500, he would want to know what she was going to spend it on before giving her the money. And if he forgot to ask, he would want to know later.

You can't just show up like an irresponsible child, say you've gotten into trouble and need a bailout, and then expect no one will want to know what you've done with the money.

Or maybe you would try. But that makes you more like a teenage girl than Secretary of the Treasury.

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Anonymous said...

You are so full of it! You really think FOX Business News is so great? If so...then why don't they admit they screwed up and sent the request first to the wrong place? Yep, that's right, they sent the request to a bureau of Treasury who then sent it to the correct place - the Treasury - you know the place - the big building next to the White House. Treasury then addressed the expedited treatment request Fox wanted AND it was granted by the Treasury Department. But before FOX received the letter stating the request would be expedited FOX sued. Then all bets are off and everyone has to follow the attorneys' advice. And we all know how attorneys can be!

So perhaps you should get your facts straight before you start making such a big deal about FOX.