Nightmare at Miss Porter's School

For a long time, I have heard horrible stories about how girls are treated at these elite schools and how the school will look the other way. I've lived in Washington, DC a long time and there are more elite schools here than fire hydrants.

"Mean Girls" was based on the National Cathedral School, for instance.

I heard a mother complaining once about how vicious and brutal the girls at the National Cathedral School were to her daughter when she transferred from the International School. And when she complained to the school, it brushed off as just "they way girls are."

I guess people aren't willing to take it anymore. Nor should they, with that kind of tuition.

And girls are only that way because they can get away with it. A teen hasn't reached moral or emotional maturity and still needs limits and social skills. No society has ever let teens stomp around and do whatever they feel like doing to one another. Limits have always been in place. The 21st century is no exception. A school needs to take responsibility for what its students do to one another.

All the girl did was suggest holding their prom with some other schools.


Anonymous said...

sigh. i was looking for someone else's blog and stumbled onto this one, but while i'm here i'll try and enlighten you on the matter. i go to miss porter's. it's not, contrary to what its name insinuates, a "rich, snobby, elitist boarding school". It is a prep school, yes, but the media completely skewed the authenticity of the story. the "bullied girl", was an acquaintance of mind. she was one of the leaders of the student body. after she cheated on several tests (and caught), she was asked to leave (miss porter's has a strict honor code).

Fearful that the school would contact the colleges she was in the process of applying to, she and her parents sued the school, claimed the only reason she cheated was because she was being bullied. and alerted the media, which of course drank it up. i have been here for two years, was a year younger than the girl, and as an observer, have never seen any kind of ostracizing or cruelty whatsoever. if this happened at a public school, the media would have never picked it up, take that into consideration.

Katherine said...

Ibid. MPS is a wonderful community. It appears to me, as a an ancient, that either the school's character has dramatically changed or that Miss Bass's family simply has the money and the chutzpah to be litigious.